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Our Fallen Heroes



The policeman stood and faced God, which must always come to pass.

He hoped his shoes were shining, just as bright as his brass.

“Step forward officer, how shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek? To my church have you been true”?

The policeman squared his shoulders and said, “No Lord, I guess I ain’t,

‘Cause those of us who carry guns, can’t always be a saint”.

I’ve had to work most Sundays, and at times my talk was tough.

And sometimes I’ve been violent, because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny that wasn’t mine to keep.

Though I worked a lot of overtime, when the bills got just too steep.

And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear.

And sometimes, God forgive me, I’ve wept unmanly tears.

I know I don’t deserve a place, among the people here.

They never wanted me around, except to calm their fears.

If you’ve a place for me here dear Lord, it needn’t be so grand.

I never expected or had too much, but if you don’t I’ll understand.

There was silence all around the throne, where the saints had often trod.

As the policeman waited quietly, for the judgement of his God.

“Step forward now officer, you’ve borne your burden well,

Walk peacefully on Heaven’s streets, you’ve done your time in hell”

David E. Rich Trooper Eugene Teague
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Appointed: June 1, 1933
District: General Headquarters - Indianapolis
Deceased: December 20, 1933
Following a tip that Dillinger gang member Edward Shouse would be at the Frances Hotel in Paris, Illinois, Trooper Teague was waiting nearby in his patrol car. When Shouse and two female accomplices arrived at the hotel, Trooper Teague struck the Shouse's car with his vehicle. As Shouse attempted to escape, a gun battle ensued and Trooper Teague was killed in the crossfire.

Trooper Paul V. Minneman
Hometown: Logansport, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1935
District: Lafayette
January 27, 1904 - May 27, 1937
Following the robbery of the Goodland State Bank in Goodland, police from all corners of Indiana were taking part in a manhunt for the Brady Gang. Trooper Minneman and Deputy Sheriff Elmer Craig had stopped to investigate the occupants of a car parked along the road when another car approached and began shooting at them. Trooper Minneman and Deputy Craig pursued the vehicle, but lost sight of it. When the officers reached an intersection, Trooper Minneman opened his door attempting to look for tiremarks and was shot by an automatic rifle fired by one of the suspects. Trooper Minneman died two days later from his wounds.
Paul V. Minneman

William R. Dixon Trooper William R. Dixon
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1935
District: Dunes Park
February 9, 1910 - June 28, 1938
Trooper Dixon stopped to assist two young men with a disabled vehicle. As he approached the vehicle and asked who owned the car, one of the men, who were both members of the Easton Gang, shot Dixon in the hand. Reaching for his gun to return fire, more gunfire erupted and Trooper Dixon was shot. Two days later Trooper Dixon died, but not before one of the assailants had been killed and the other captured.

Trooper George A. Forster
Hometown: Seymour, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1938
District: Seymour
1916 - May 17, 1941
While on routine patrol near Paris Crossing in Jennings County, Trooper Forster's patrol car was struck by a truck towing a horse trailer. The collision, which occurred on State Road 3, resulted in his death.
George A. Forster

Richard F. England Trooper Richard F. England
Hometown: Columbia City, Indiana
Appointed: January 20, 1936
District: Ligonier
August 1, 1911 - April 22, 1942
While transporting an army deserter, Trooper England attempted to pass a car when the driver made a turn in front of him. Trooper England struck the vehicle and then crashed into a tree. Although the deserter was not injured, Trooper England died as a result of the accident.

Trooper Herbert W. Smith
Hometown: Shelbyville, Indiana
Appointed: November 2, 1942
District: Connersville
July 29, 1917 - December 5, 1946
While on patrol, Trooper Smith stopped a car for a traffic violation. When the driver could not produce the car's registration, the trooper asked the driver to follow him to Shelbyville. On the way to town, Trooper Smith radioed for a check on the license number, suspecting the car was stolen. Pretending to have car trouble, the suspects stopped their car and the trooper stopped his police vehicle. As he approached the suspects' vehicle, they opened fire hitting Trooper Smith three times. The trooper returned fire before crawling back into his vehicle, where he died.

Robert E. Clevenger Trooper Robert E. Clevenger
Hometown: Centerville, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1952
District: Connersville
March 7, 1931 - September 8, 1953
Trooper Clevenger was in pursuit of a motorist when the chase led to a T-intersection. Due to the dust created by the other vehicle, Clevenger was unable to see the embankment ahead of him and struck it head-on. At the scene, investigators found the license number of the car Clevenger had pursued and were able to locate the vehicle owner, a parole violator.

Sergeant Hubert Roush
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1952
District: Headquarters
March 27, 1915 - January 26, 1955
Sergeant Roush was killed in an automobile crash on the south side of Indianapolis. While witnesses were only able to give investigators sketchy details about the accident, a 19-year-old driver was later charged with several traffic violations as a result of the crash.
Hubert Roush

Earl L. Brown Trooper Earl L. Brown
Hometown: Columbus, Indiana
Appointed: October 16, 1940
District: Seymour
January 4, 1913 - August 31, 1955
During a manhunt, Trooper Brown observed a suspicious person hitchhiking on US 31 near Columbus, Indiana. As he was searching the suspect, Trooper Brown was shot and killed. The suspect was judged to be insane and was committed to a maximum-security facility for life.

Sergeant John R. Miller
Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1941
District: Lafayette
January 2, 1920 - September 5, 1955
Sergeant Miller was assigned as a spotter on a National Guard airplane during an annual Labor Day patrol. Sergeant Miller and the military pilot were killed when the plane crashed near Thorntown, Indiana.
John R. Miller

Donald R. Turner Trooper Donald R. Turner
Hometown: Auburn, Indiana
Appointed: November 1, 1946
District: Ligonier
August 12, 1918 - January 28, 1956
While on patrol, Trooper Turner was called to assist a tow truck operator in removing a vehicle from a ditch. During the retrieval, Trooper Turner was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.

First Sergeant Marvin E. Walts
Hometown: New Albany, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1937
District: Charlestown
October 4, 1909 - March 18, 1957
During a manhunt for a suspected bank robber, First Sergeant Walts died of gunshot wounds inflicted by the suspect. Before succumbing to his injuries, Sergeant Walts was able to return fire and kill his assailant.
Marvin E. Walts

William R. Kellems Trooper William R. Kellems
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Appointed: November 15, 1956
District: Charlestown
May 25, 1930 - September 30, 1957
While involved in a statewide search for two gunmen who had killed a Michigan state trooper, Trooper Kellems spotted the suspects driving through Scottsburg, Indiana. After observing the car, Kellems radioed the post, stating that he had stopped the car. As Trooper Kellems approached the suspects' car, two shots were fired out, fatally wounding him.

Trooper John H. Powell
Hometown: Otterbein, Indiana
Appointed: December 1, 1954
District: Kentland
July 2, 1931 - February 27, 1959
While placing an electronic timing device on the roadway, Trooper Powell was struck by an oncoming vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.
John H. Powell

Robert J. Garrison Trooper Robert J. Garrison
Hometown: Montpelier, Indiana
Appointed: October 1, 1955
District: Redkey
April 29, 1932 - December 14, 1959
While working at the Pendleton District, Trooper Garrison was patrolling of State Road 67 when he was involved in a automobile accident. Trooper Garrison died instantly of head injuries sustained in the crash.

Trooper Robert C. Gillespie
Hometown: Bedford, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1950
District: Seymour
September 1, 1928 - June 8, 1962
While enroute to the town of Mitchell in response to a request for assistance, Trooper Gillespie, who was traveling at a high rate of speed with emergency lights on, was forced to leave the road when a pick-up truck slowed in front of him. Leaving the highway to avoid the truck, Trooper Gillespie swerved back on the highway to avoid another car in his path. His vehicle was then struck by another car. Trooper Gillespie died as a result of his injuries.
Robert C. Gillespie

William F. Kieser Trooper William F. Kieser
Hometown: Tell City, Indiana
Appointed: March 16, 1958
District: Seymour
February 4, 1928 - March 9, 1965
While cleaning out his patrol car at home, Trooper Kieser heard the Charlestown Post dispatch a unit to Ramsey to investigate a drunk and disorderly complaint. Realizing he was closer, Trooper Kieser radioed that he would take the call. Arriving at the scene, Trooper Kieser spotted the suspect and ordered him to stop. Before Trooper Kieser could get out of his car, the suspect fired shots at him. Trooper Kieser was able to return fire before a bullet struck his hand knocking his gun away. Taking advantage of the situation the suspect fired more shots, killing Trooper Kieser.

Trooper Oscar Mills
Hometown: Hobart, Indiana
Appointed: September 16, 1955
District: Lafayette
May 24, 1930 - April 12, 1966
While in pursuit of a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, Trooper Mills was involved in an automobile accident. The crash left Trooper Mills unconscious from November 30, 1957 until his death more than eight years later.
Oscar Mills

Trooper William R. Rayner
Hometown: Greensburg, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1957
District: Versailles
February 2, 1936 - December 18, 1966
Working night patrol with Deputy Sheriff David Blodgett of Decatur County, Trooper Rayner stopped a car bearing a Kentucky license plate, unaware the car had been reported stolen. After Trooper Rayner questioned the two occupants, he asked them to exit the vehicle. As both got out through the driver's door, the passenger grabbed for Trooper Rayner and fired several shots at him. As Trooper Rayner fell to the ground, Deputy Blodgett returned fire, fatally wounding one suspect. Trooper Rayner died at the scene.

Trooper Richard G. Brown
Hometown: Lebanon, Indiana
Appointed: May 1, 1955
District: Lafayette
June 11, 1927 - September 27, 1967
While investigating an early morning car-truck collision on I-74 in Boone County, Trooper Brown was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Trooper Brown and two others were fatally injured in the crash.

Trooper Robert O. Lietzan
Hometown: Westville, Indiana
Appointed: August 16, 1961
District: Connersville
April 11, 1937 - March 30, 1969
Responding to a complaint of a man firing shots at a family in a camping area in rural Franklin County, Trooper Lietzan and other police officers arrived on the scene to find the suspect in a barricaded position. As police called for the suspect to surrender, he fired several shots into the group of officers, fatally wounding Trooper Lietzan.

Sergeant George W. Campbell
Hometown: Brazil, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1950
District: Putnamville
July 19, 1924 - July 18, 1969
While on assignment at the truck weigh scales near Putnamville, Sergeant Campbell died of a heart attack during the arrest of a truck driver who had attempted to pass the weigh station.

Trooper John J. Streu Trooper John J. Streu
Hometown: Logansport, Indiana
Appointed: April 16, 1970
District: Schererville
March 4, 1945 - February 20, 1971
St. John Town Marshal James Larimer and Trooper Streu responded to a report of two men in a car behind a local school. Arriving at the scene, the officers found two men who had previously committed kidnapping, robbery and auto theft. The officers handcuffed one man and took him to the patrol car for questioning when the other suspect fired through the police vehicle window, hitting Marshal Larimer. Trooper Streu fired back, hitting the suspect. He then left his gun in the front seat of the vehicle and went to aid Larimer. The handcuffed suspect in the back seat of the police vehicle picked up Streu's gun and shot him with his own revolver, killing him.

Sergeant Glen R. Hosier
Hometown: Logansport, Indiana
Appointed: May 1, 1955
District: Peru
November 11, 1926 - April 26, 1971
While searching for a murder suspect, Sergeant Hosier and other police officers were dispatched to a residence on a report that the suspect was hiding there. Officers surrounded the house, while Sergeant Hosier, accompanied by three other officers, entered the residence. Leading the way up the staircase, Sergeant Hosier rounded a landing and the suspect shot him at close range.
Sergeant Glen R. Hosier

Trooper William J. Trees Trooper William J. Trees
Hometown: Oakland City, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1968
District: Evansville
November 25, 1943 - June 26, 1972
On road patrol in the Evansville District, Trooper Trees was pursuing a fleeing vehicle at a high rate of speed. During the pursuit, Trooper Trees was involved in a crash that claimed his life.

Trooper Lawrence B. Meyer
Hometown: Sellersburg, Indiana
Appointed: September 1, 1968
District: Charlestown
January 2, 1937 - February 2, 1974
After pursuing a car on I-65 in Clark County, Trooper Meyer and Trooper Charles Nicholas had taken two subjects to jail. While the troopers were in the parking lot, a deputy advised them that one of the prisoners had escaped. Shortly after Trooper Meyer began a foot pursuit, he was found lying in the yard of a residence only a short distance from his vehicle. It was later determined Trooper Meyer had died of a heart attack.
Trooper Lawrence B. Meyer

Trooper Lewis E. Phillips Trooper Lewis E. Phillips
Hometown: Michigan City, Indiana
Appointed: February 27, 1973
District: Dunes Park
January 1, 1949 - April 16, 1975
Five days before completing one-year as a Probationary Trooper, Trooper Phillips was responding to a call for assistance from a fellow trooper who was pursuing a violator. Trooper Phillips was traveling on U.S. 20 when his patrol car crested a hill and collided with semi-tractor trailer making an illegal U-turn. Trooper Phillips died at the scene.

Trooper Roy E. Jones
Hometown: Lapel, Indiana
Appointed: October 17, 1976
District: Pendleton
May 5, 1948 - July 3, 1979
While responding to a request for assistance from the Markleville Town Marshal, Trooper Jones was traveling at a high rate of speed with emergency lights on when a car pulled in front of him. Trooper Jones swerved to avoid the car in his path when his vehicle struck a tree, killing him on impact.
Trooper Roy E. Jones

Trooper Robert J. Lather II Trooper Robert J. Lather II
Hometown: Greentown, Indiana
Appointed: December 15, 1974
District: Peru
December 15, 1951 - July 6, 1982
On routine patrol, Trooper Lather responded to a call for assistance from a Howard County Sheriff's Deputy who was in pursuit of a vehicle traveling at speeds in excess of 95 miles per hour. While attempting to slow the fleeing vehicle, Trooper Lather pulled in front of the car and was killed when the speeding vehicle ran into his police car.

Trooper Steven L. Bailey
Hometown: Richmond, Indiana
Appointed: November 26, 1978
District: Headquarters
October 10, 1954 - December 10, 1983
While attempting to serve a warrant at the residence of a known drug dealer, Trooper Bailey's weapon accidentally discharged, fatally wounding him.
Trooper Steven L. Bailey

Sergeant John E. Hatfull Sergeant John E. Hatfull
Hometown: Evansville, Indiana
Appointed: January 28, 1973
District: Evansville
March 17, 1942 - April 13, 1987
Sergeant Hatfull, along with other state police officers, responded to the residence of a suicidal subject in Posey County. As Sergeant Hatfull led the Emergency Response Team into the residence, he was shot and fatally wounded by the subject.

Master Trooper Michael E. Greene
Hometown: Thorntown, Indiana
Appointed: June 13, 1976
District: Indianapolis
November 8, 1949 - February 5, 1993
While on routine patrol in Marion County, Master Trooper Greene stopped to question two male subjects stopped along Interstate 65. After checking with the post, he learned the men were wanted. As Master Trooper Greene was handcuffing one suspect, the other suspect shot and killed him.
Master Trooper Michael E. Greene

Trooper Todd A. Burman Trooper Todd A. Burman
Hometown: Delphi, Indiana
Appointed: December 9, 1990
District: Lafayette
September 9, 1964 - July 29, 1993
Trooper Burman responded to a call for assistance with a disorderly subject in the town of Camden located in Carroll County. When officer's attempts at negotiation failed, the subject retreated into his residence. As the officers entered the house, they were met by the subject's resistant wife, while he fled down a hall in search of a gun. As Trooper Burman entered the room where the suspect was waiting, he was shot at close range with a high powered rifle.

Master Motor Carrier Inspector Ralph R. Reed, Jr.
Hometown: Plymouth, Indiana
Appointed: April 16, 1968
District: Bremen
May 24, 1947 - August 3, 1995
While patrolling US 30 near Plymouth, Master Motor Carrier Inspector Ralph Reed stopped to inspect a semi-tractor trailer. As Inspector Reed walked around the tractor-trailer, an on-coming semi tractor-trailer hauling cattle struck and killed him. Inspector Reed was the first Indiana State Police motor carrier inspector to be killed in the line of duty.
Master Motor Carrier Inspector Ralph R. Reed, Jr.

DNA Supervisor Kimberly S. Epperson DNA Supervisor Kimberly S. Epperson
Hometown: Fountaintown, Indiana
Appointed: February 4, 1985
District: Headquarters
June 10, 1959 -November 16, 1995
While traveling from the Indianapolis Laboratory to the Lowell Laboratory on a training assignment, Supervisor Epperson slid on icy Interstate 65 and collided with a semi-tractor trailer illegally parked on the berm. The impact of the crash killed Supervisor Epperson instantly.

Trooper Andrew P. Winzenread
Hometown: Osgood, Indiana
Appointed: December 4, 1994
District: Versailles
November 30, 1970 - April 25, 1997
While patrolling I-74 in Decatur County, Trooper Winzenread stopped to assist a motorist who had run out of gas. Returning to the stranded vehicle after getting gas, Trooper Winzenread exited his patrol car and was struck by an oncoming semi-tractor trailer. Trooper Winzenread died at the scene.
Trooper Andrew P. Winzenread

Senior Trooper James Patrick Bartram Senior Trooper James Patrick Bartram
Hometown: Mooresville, Indiana
Appointed: December 19, 1987
District: Putnamville
March 14, 1961 - March 31, 1998
On March 31, 1998, Senior Trooper James Patrick Bartram was enroute eastbound on State Road 144 in Morgan County, when he observed a violator. As he was pursuing the speeding vehicle, Senior Trooper Bartram attempted to avoid a car that pulled into his path and slid into an oncoming pickup truck. Senior Trooper Bartram, along with the driver and passenger of the other vehicle, lost their lives in the crash.

Master Trooper David A. Deuter
Hometown: Angola, Indiana
Appointed: April 1, 1972
District: Toll Road
November 25, 1948 - July 16, 1998
While on routine patrol, Master Trooper Deuter stopped a motorist on the Indiana Toll Road in LaGrange County. While standing beside the driver's side door, a westbound semi-tractor trailer struck and killed him.
Master Trooper David A. Deuter

Trooper Richard T. Gaston Trooper Richard T. Gaston
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Appointed: December 13, 1998
District: Toll Road
December 1, 1969 - March 4, 1999
In the final days of his field training, Trooper Gaston was conducting a traffic stop with field training officer Senior Trooper Bradley Kaizer. During the stop on the Indiana Toll Road in St. Joseph County, a westbound semi-tractor trailer drove off the roadway and struck the troopers' vehicle, killing Trooper Gaston and two people in another car.

Trooper Cory R. Elson
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Appointed: December 13, 1998
District: Fort Wayne
September 27, 1972 - April 3, 1999
While on patrol in Adams County, Trooper Elson stopped a pickup truck on US 27 in the city of Decatur. As Trooper Elson exited his patrol car, the driver of the truck opened fire with an automatic assault rifle. Trooper Elson was pronounced dead at the scene.
Trooper Cory R. Elson

Trooper Jason E. Beal Trooper Jason E. Beal
Hometown: Shelbyville, Indiana
Appointed: December 13, 1998
District: Bremen
January 16, 1975 - January 15, 2000
While patrolling southeastern Kosciusko County, Trooper Beal stopped to assist a wrecker operator, who was pulling a car out of a ditch. As the two men worked along side State Road 14, the driver of a passing vehicle lost control of her car on the icy roadway striking the wrecker and the state trooper. Trooper Beal died from his injuries three days later.

Trooper Scott A. Patrick
Hometown: Wheatfield, Indiana
Appointed: June 25, 2000
District: Lowell
September 12, 1976 - December 22, 2003
While patrolling Interstate 80 in Lake County, Trooper Patrick was dispatched to a call of a disabled vehicle. Locating the vehicle, Trooper Patrick made contact with the driver who was walking away from the car. The driver opened fire killing Trooper Patrick.
Trooper Jason E. Beal

Gary E. Dudley Lieutenant Gary E. Dudley
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Appointed: December 14, 1979
District: Headquarters
April 7, 1955 - August 22, 2006
While participating in a bicycle ride to honor fallen police officers, Lieutenant Gary Dudley and retired Lake County Sheriff's Department Chief of Police Gary Martin were killed when a box truck struck the riders' support vehicle shoving the support vehicle into the group of cyclists. Lieutenant Dudley and Chief Martin died at the scene of the crash on State Road 63 in Vermillion County. A third cyclist, retired Indianapolis Police Officer Spencer Moore was injured in the crash.

Master Trooper Detective David E. Rich
Appointed: 11/19/1989
District: Peru
Hometown Mexico, Indiana
Deceased: July 5, 2007
Master Trooper Detective David E. Rich was on his way home towards the end of his shift when he stopped to assist what appeared to be a stranded motorist at the side of road on Highway 24 just east of SR 115 in Wabash County. Detective Rich approached the vehicle with his State Police ID in one hand and his police radio in the other. When M/Trp Rich approached the drivers side window the driver of vehicle shot one round from a shotgun through the window and struck M/Trp Rich in the chest fatally wounding him. The suspect wanted in Michigan for vehicle theft took his own life with a single shotgun round to the head.
David E. Rich

Daniel Barrett Trooper Daniel Barrett
Appointed: July 6, 2007
District: Peru
Hometown: Logansport, Indiana
Deceased: January 27, 2008
Trooper Barrett was attempting to catch a speeding vehicle that was traveling northbound on U.S. 31. Before Trooper Barrett was able to make contact with the speeding vehicle, for an unknown reason his fully marked state police Crown Victoria traveled off the east side of the road striking a tree at the driver's side door.

Master Motor Carrier Inspector Robert E. Pitcher
Hometown: Cambridge City, Indiana
Appointed: July 11, 1988
District: Connersville
June 25, 1946 – September 26, 2010
While enroute to a motor coach inspection detail in the Lowell District, Master Motor Carrier Inspector Bob Pitcher was involved in a motor vehicle crash which claimed his life. Master Motor Carrier Inspector Pitcher is the second Indiana State Police Motor Carrier unit to be killed in the line-of-duty.

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