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ISPA Foundation

ISPA Foundation

By rule the Indiana State Police Department cannot solicit funds by corporations or individuals to help fund special projects for the Department. If a donation is made, that funding would go into the general fund and the Department may not be able to use this funding for the program it was intended.

Members of the Department have been contacted by organizations, corporations and individuals that wish to donate funds for the new ISP K-9 program. We have also received donation calls for the ISP motorcycle program and corporations wishing to donate funds to help build new firing ranges at some of our state police posts for use by the department.

The Indiana State Police Alliance (ISPA) has formed a corporation within our Cops for Kids Corporation that does allow us to solicit funds, collect these funds, and hold them so the donated funds can be used for the exact reason the money was collected. The ISPA has opened a separate bank account for the ISPA Foundation and all of the funds are deposited into this line itemed account. Since Cops for Kids and the ISPA Foundation are 501 C3 corporations, these donations are tax deductible.

If you wish to make a donation to one of the Department's special projects, please click the link at the bottom of this page and print out a copy of the ISPA Foundation Sponsor form. This form is for your records and it is not required that you send the form to the ISPA office. Just follow the instructions on the form and your donation will be deposited into the proper account.

The Indiana State Police Alliance would like to thank you for your generous donation and if you should have any further questions please contact our office at 317-636-0929 or 1-800-382-1104.


Wayne Flick, ISPA Executive Director

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